Lebanon 2
Childs Wheelchair 4
Israel’s Proud Victory over Terrorism
c. Art Axis 2006
Child Wheelchair 2 cuChild Wheelchair 1 main
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( “Found” crumpled childrens’ wheelchair. Shap, Cumbria, 20.7.06 )
Fact; over half of the 400 (and counting) Lebanese civillians killed by ongoing indiscriminate Israeli bombardment are children.
Censorship by journalism is virulent in Britain and the US – and it means the difference between life and death for people in faraway countries.” – John Pilger

Open note to Sir Nick Serota, director Tate Modern;
Now this is maybe what you should call a “challenging work” within the flowery hyperbole of your psued-speak/write. But you wouldn’t  dare touch anything like this with a barge pole.



NEW DADA Wk. 242, England Football Fan – Archetype 1

EFF Main pic1a
England Football Fan – Archetype 1
c. Michael St.Mark 2006
( Concrete assembly work incorporating disconnected electric fan containing three disused lager cans, painted plastercast face and Prozac capsules )
EFF Close up mouth 1aEFF Prozac1a

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London Dada Work 241, New Labour Project, "Substance".

New Labour Project

New Labour Project 2

The New Labour Project – “Substance”.
( Two-photograph perspective set )
c. 2006 Michael St.Mark

To be mounted together in one presentation frame, approx 70cm X 100cm, POA.