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Conceptual / experimental multi-discipline artist, writer and photographer. Creative consultant & founder of London Dada under Hugo Ball's original Dada principles.. Echoing Marcel Duchamp in respect of going beyond the purely retinal and refusing to accept the standards and practices of an established and corrupt art system, conventions that are still considered essential to attain fame and financial success: refusing to repeat himself or to develop one recognizable style to placate the commercial needs of the art market.

Work No. 989; Water – Larkin about

Work No. 889; Water ( Larkin about )
Michael St.Mark 2017

93 million miles of sunlight traveling at 186,000 miles per second zapps into a wine glass 1/4 full of water on a table top in a Haute Savoie garden, France. August 2017.
Somehow feels utterly pure..and miraculous that it’s possible to see right though a SOLID OBJECT

In homage to Philip Larkin’s poem “Water”


Works No. 988abcd Roaming the Galaxy

Four ripe fruits from a glorious summer of street-snapping with the Galaxy S7

Work No. 988a; The Happy Couple / They Who Have Seen the Light VII
Spitalfields, close to chez Gilbert & George. Latest in the long-running LD series celebrating eccentricity of attire ( and diversity of sexuality ) in public

Work 988b; Matters of Great Import II
Outside Sainsburys Potters Bar. Second in the series, intimating everyone’s real news is contained within their everyday lives, not in the 90% irrelevance-posing-as-vital-importance hoodwinking MSM

Work No. 988c; Cappuccino’s Up
Categorized under our long-running “everything’s One under the sun” genre, following Hugo Ball’s assertion that ” The Dadaist is convinced of the overall connection between all beings, objects and entities “

A Whitening
Michael St.Mark 2017

All photographs by Michael St.Mark (c) 2017
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London Dada Work No. 987; By George No Escape

By George there’s no Escape.
Michael St.Mark 2017


Dentist waiting room, 7th September. No escape from mainstream media’s infatuation with the latest privileged mollycoddled little royal to start school.
In reality the only genuine interest going on in pushing this trivial story is that of the self-serving knighthood-chasing editors * journalists and TV chat show hosts involved.
And for that we all must yawn and bear it.
Next up – another royal birth.. unless god forbid something happens to the Duke of Edinburgh..
M St.M


George Osborne, editor Evening Standard, bores the pants off Londoners for the sake of his personal future royal gong. Keep up the fawning George, you’ll get the coveted royal sword tap for “services rendered” soon enough.

Work No. 986; Hopes and Dreams; The Human Condition VII

Hopes & Dreams; The Human Condition VII
Michael St.Mark 2017


Bay of Cannes, France S.
Latest in London Dada’s long-running series, ” the human condition ” now an established theme and popular subject matter within mainstream art

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Work No. 985; The Entertainment Channel

The Entertainment Channel
Michael St.Mark 2017


Found scene; back street, Sanquhar, Dumfries & Galloway

Color/tonally-manipulated photograph

Signed edition of 20 on Fuji Crystal Archive
23″ x 17″
£450 ( unframed)

Relates to Work 399 from 2010; That’s Entertainment

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London Dada Work No. 984; Night Trips; homage to Cy Twombly II

Night Trips; Dada homage to Cy Twombly II
Michael St.Mark 2017


Blended triptych;  Slug trails over green mould on dated whitewashed wall, back alley, Barnet


Signed edition of 10 Chromalux TM prints on aluminium
33″W X 10″H
£550 ( unframed, panel mounts directly onto wall )

Links to first in the double series, Work No. 532 “Night Trip” ( 2011 )


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Work No. 983; The Real Turner

Latest in the London Dada series, creating reversed images of self-portraits of iconic artists that were made using mirrors, therefore depicting as close as the realism captured in the portraits allows to how they would have appeared to others at the time.
In the case of JMW Turner’s self-portrait from 1799 at age 24 and well before the photographic era, this would be as close as possible to a glimpse of the artist as he actually appeared when working on the painting. The differences are subtle but nevertheless noticable on closer scutiny

Self-Portrait c.1799 Joseph Mallord William Turner 1775-1851


Portrait reversed alongside image of the original painting of the artist’s own reflection.

The Real Turner
(JMW Turner at age 24 and most likely a close resemblence to how he actually appeared at that time.)
(c) Michael St.Mark 2017


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